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LincTrack provides multiple solutions for all your company needs

Bring the Full Picture to Your Fleet Safety

LincTrack GPS Solutions SafetyCam is the most accurate witness to capture your drivers’ views of the road. 


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Technology You Need at a Price You Can Afford

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Get visibility into unsafe driving activity

Identify and coach high-risk drivers better

Get the whole picture and quickly investigate incidents
Reduce the risk and cost of accidents

Prevent frivolous claims and exonerate drivers

View event videos from within LincTrack GPS Solutions Fleet or LincTrack GPS Solutions FleetMobile

Let LincTrack GPS Solutions Fleet Complete Solution help you reduce the risk and increase your success.

With the ease of a “plug
and play” installed OBDII
device, you can unlock
safety for your fleet.

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Ability to determine when driving behaviors are becoming a risk to your fleet’s safety - detect hard braking, hard acceleration and hard cornering.

In addition, LincTrack GPS Solutions
brings safety to the palm of your
driver’s hands.

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LincTrack GPS Solutions Coach:

A new driver coaching tool to improve safety-end poor driving habits with training solutions tailored to fit every driver, delivered right to their phone through LincTrack GPS Solutions FleetMobile.

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An integrated rewards program delivered from within LincTrack GPS
Solutions Fleet makes it easy to reward your drivers for driving safely.

The AI dashcam grows with your fleet’s needs and works seamlessly. Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, the dashcam detects distracted driving, driver drowsiness and unsafe driving behaviors, assisting drivers with real-time audio and visual alerts.

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Reduce distracted driving, addressing one of the leading causes of preventable accidents

Improve safety with real-time alerts from harsh driving incidents

Get the whole picture with LIVE-VIDEO to your fleet vehicles, drivers, passengers & cargo

Personalize training for high-risk drivers based on individual driving behavior data

Reduce insurance claims & exonerate your drivers with video evidence stored in the cloud

Lightweight GPS tracking monitoring harsh events, such as hard braking, sudden acceleration and cornering.


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Let LincTrack GPS Solutions
bring Safety, Accountability, and Efficiency to your Fleet

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